The Fury shows on Video

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Brave Stallion
Brave Stallion or Fury is offered
on video tape on the internet
and possibly special orders
made through video stores.
Fury was filmed in black and white
unless it becomes colorized
by computer in the future.
It is unknown if the of the shows
will ever return to television,
or how many episodes
have been distroyed by age, fires or earthquakes.There was an episode
of the Fury series called
"Casey Jones & Fury "
(Brave Stallion)
starring Alan Hale Jr.
as the railroad engineer Casey Jones.
Also the pilot episode of
"Fury of Broken Wheel Ranch"
starring Peter Graves.

One of the FURY
Adventures was titled
"Pinto Stallion.".
It was the time when "Joey"
and his friend "Pee Wee"
encountered a stampede of horses.
It is undetermined if it is on video.
-some more-
Episode Titles
(there are 116)
  • Killer Stallion
  • Scorched Earth
  • Joey's Dame Trouble
  • Joey & The Gypsies
  • Joey's Father
  • Scorched Earth
  • Joey's Dame Trouble
  • Joey & The Gypsies
  • Joey's Father
  • Joey Saves The Day
  • The 4-H Story
  • Junior Rodeo
  • Ghost Town
  • The Hobo
  • Tungsten Queen
  • Joey Sees It Through
  • The Choice
  • Joey Finds A Friend
  • Packy's Dream
  • None are sold at this web site!

    Fury  Music

    The recording was made in 1957
    by golden records.

    animated image

    image Fury book
    Fury and the White Mare
    last published 1978

    Television Programs of America, Inc.
    had the Fury theme song
    from the TV Show the second song is
    "What Did You Do Before You Had TV?" Featuring The Sandpipers, Mitch Miller & Orchestra. (Mitch Miller had his own TV show called "Sing Along with Mitch")

    There were
    Kenner Give - a - show projector slides of Fury made in 1962

    "Adventure with an Outlaw Stallion" & "Fireman Fury"


    Additional books written by
    Albert G. Miller
    Fury and the White Mare &
    2 other reprints of the original story
    image Fury book 6    image Fury book 7

    image Fury book 1

    image Fury book 2

    image Fury book 3

    image Fury book 4
    During the Fury television series
    was on the air the 1958
    Little Golden Book
    for children was printed called
    "Fury Takes The Jump "
    by Seymour Reit
    pictures by Mel Crawford

    In 1959 another book for children
    about Fury was called
    "The Mystery at Trappers' Hole"
    by Troy Nesbit,
    illustrated by Paul Frame.
    Whitman Publishing Company

    A 1957 book named
    "FURY and The Lone Pine Mystery". It features characters from the TV show printed by
    Whitman Publishing Company

    A smaller childrens book -
    A Little Golden Book "Fury"
    Published by Simon and Schuster in 1957 written by Kathleen Irwin

    Note: Don't try recreating this adventure !

    Comments & Info from:
    May 1998
    Steve Z.

    I used to watch Fury all the time when I was a kid, I remember 2 episodes. The first was when one of Joey's friends (who used a soldering iron or woodburner) replaced the fuse with a penny...which later burned down the place The next was when Pete gets trapped in a well, or mine, and he's suffocating. There is a hose attached to a pump outside, and someone thinks to pump air to Pete with the gas powered pump. Only trouble is they have no gasoline! Joey, comes up with the idea to put alcohol or cleaning fluid (naphtha?) in the tank and burn that. Everyone says it won't work, but it does. I remember the line Pete uses when he gets his first breath of fresh air, "Oh that smells sweet"...or something to that effect.

    Fury Horses

    image model horse 1 Black Fury
    A model horse set
    to be assembled was manufactured by Arora.
    It was on the market during the time "Fury"
    was the hot & popular
    television program.
    The Breyer Molding Company
    manufacturer of plastic
    animals also made "Fury"
    in honor of this horse.
    Breyer also made the "Black Stallion" of movie fame and included his rider "Alec"
    image model horse 2

    Mr. Fromkess is remembered & not forgotten

    Comments & Info from:
    November 1998
    Michael Bennett

    My grandfather, Leon Fromkess, was the producer of a T.V. "Fury" He passed away in 1977. He produced some 300 motion pictures and 22 TV series. As far as I know Fury was the only TV series where a horse was the central figure. I spoke with my father who was production coordinator for TPA (Television Programs of America) that my grandfather headed and that produced "Lassie" and a number of other series. He said that my grandfather hired Ralph McCutcheon to deliver a horse (Fury) for the series. Ralph McCutcheon was a well known animal trainer at that time.
    click here for photo

    More memories of Fury come forward to Horse Fame

    Comments & Info from:
    December 1998
    Stephanie Harris

    I understand Fury is one of the smartest horses that ever lived. I once read an interesting item about the horse that played Fury. A horse was needed for an intricate scene in which the horse had to run beside a moving train at the proper speed for the actor to jump off the train onto the horse. A number of horses had been tried, and none could time it just right. They finally brought Fury out, showed him once what to do, and he did the scene perfectly, from a running start out of his stall, on the next take. I read that quite a few years ago, but don't have any way of verifying the fact, nor do I remember what magazine I read it in. It did show a picture of the scene.

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