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Sorry for not having the full story. I am not intentionally leaving out the responsible parties involved with Brighty of the Grand Canyon. I appreciate the following information sent below. Thank You for all the information and clarification and additional facts.

Comments and Revisions
Date: September 2003

Charles Booth
(Son of Stephen F. Booth)
Your page on Brighty of the Grand Canyon was very nice,but it needs a correction or two. The film from Ms.Henry's book was notproduced by Disney, but by Stephen F. Booth Productions, my fathers film company. He was also the one who commisioned the bronze statue that sits at the north rim, it was a gift to the National Park for their cooperation in the making of the film. Smaller versions were cast in bronze and given to the author,cast and investors, the artist was Peter Jepsen, and it was the smaller version the was used as a model for Breyers plastic version. Yes it was Ms.Henry's burro Jigs that starred in the film, what a great animal! Again nice work on the site. Sincerely Charles Booth

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