~ February 2012 ~

FOUND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FROM MARCH, 1959. VINTAGE MAGAZINE ARTICLE. "The Horse Soldiers on location in Louisiana." "Fred Kennedy, 48, a hollywood stunt man and minor character actor for 25 years. (-photo-) Connie Towers the film's leading lady, rushes up to kiss Kennedy, a surprise director John Ford had kept secret from the stunt man. the expected reaction to Connie's kiss is absent; instead, she finds him unconscious." Constance Towers-Gavin (married to actor John Gavin) is well known actress from long running Soap opera General Hospital & many other TV & movies.
~ January 2003 ~
From: Pat Mefford

I talked with Roydon Clark (stuntman) ...and he told me that Fred was doing a "saddle fall" from a horse, and not "falling a horse" as I had believed all these years. When Fred died...the studio, contacted my mother, even though they were divorced...she was his only contact for them. She either mis-understood, or they related the accident to her incorrectly.
Plus...the other day I just found out that Fred was inducted into the Hollywood Stuntman's Hall of Fame in 1982. What an honor! I am so proud of him! At the time of his induction...they had no one to accept the certificate for him...as I understand it...guess both his brothers had passed by then...and of course...I'm sure there were not many who may have remembered me. Nevertheless... I have been asked to send pictures and do a little article on him for the Stuntmans Newsletter.....And...they are sending me a copy of his Hall of Fame Certificate....It will be framed and displayed and adored by me and my grown children...who never met him...but always heard my stories about him.
I am trying to put a complete "filmography" together for him...that's a great task! So many of the stunts were uncredited.

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