---- Wild Burros in Grand Canyon ----

Once the wild burros lived in the canyon and were over populating. It came to the point that they were being killed. (Rounded up for dog food). It is sad that the old prospectors of the past abandonded the animals not realizing the problems to come in the future. Helecopters were used to uplift burros in order to save them from being shot. This was the result of the wild burros eating habits caused the decline of the natural resources in the Grand Canyon. The cost of the rescue operation was expensive and a campain effort to raise money to help the burros came about in the 1980's. The live removal and adoptions of the wild burros in the Grand Canyon was through "Fund for Animals" headed by Cleveland Amory Famous people having had serious interest in saving the burros were: Princess Grace of Monoco Angie Dickinson Mary Tyler Moore Glen Ford Burgess Meridith Steve Allen Public awareness and the protests caused the "Brighty" burro satue once at the Grand Canyon Park entrance to be moved in doors. As of today, 1999, who knows if there are any wild burros roaming the trails in the Grand Canyon.

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