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What happened to Cojo Rojo
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Sylvia Durando & Vicci Rocco
Date: November 2003

Sent to Sylvia  from Vicki Rocco : WOW! Cojo Rojo...huh? A friend of mine used to own him  as well...I think she bought him from you!...Small world! Her name was Deborah Bailey and she lived in Solana Beach, CA back then...She moved up to Tilamook, OR... about 25 years ago and took Rojo with her...He passed away after about 5-6 years up there....he was pretty  old by then. Now we know "The rest of the story"

Deborah must of purchased him from Mrs. Anderson (whom we sold him to) not me.

The years have passed by, thanks for letting us know the outcome
...Deb at Horse Fame

Cojo Rojo 2006 Update
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Terry Wilson-Spence
Date: April 2006

I am the Granddaughter of John & Marie Anderson, owners of Cojo Rojo, 1967 through 70's.
My sister and I don't recall ALL the details, but knew he was sold to some people south of us in in the very late 70's in "Rancho something", located around the San Diego, California area.
My Mother spent all of her time showing, parading, and training him after the movie. She rode him on stage at The Stardust in Las Vegas, he toured the southern states, several celebrities like Michael Landon would ride him. spent all of her time showing, parading, and training him after the movie. He was at stud for short periods in the off season, my sister and I had several foals from him.We got to go to a lot of different venues, as kids, for him---notably; The Hollywood Christmas Parade (Grand Marshall), Las Vegas Stardust Hotel stage, Ripleys believe it or not, the Patsy Awards at Universal Studios, etc., and met a great deal of celebrities because of him.
He was such a pet! Like a dog... Park a horse trailer any where near him and he would prance right over and load himself, seemingly excited to go "bye bye"!
I remember being a kid and taking him to the Patsy Awards the year he won. I believe it was at Universal Studios in 1967.
We have several Trophys he won.

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