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Mister Ed RERUN
- March 2012-
Info from: DEB @ HORSEFAME

Possibly The Hallmark Channel will schedual the originial Mister Ed TV series starting the Spring 2012 line up.
Mister Ed Returns Retro
- January 2010-
Info from: DEB @ HORSEFAME

Mister Ed comedy series has been spotted in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania for January 2010. The digital TV station THIS TV Pittsburgh 4.2 channel, early mornings 5am and 6:30am- 7am. Maybe you will find the reruns of our favorite talking horse if your local station carries it.
Les Hilton trainer of Mister Ed
- January 2010-
Info from: Susie Fain

Les was my Great Uncle (my grandmothers brother). I got to go on a few sets with him when I was a kid; Catbaloo and Monte Walsh were a few I can remember. I still live in Arizona and think about him when I pass by the areas where some of those old Westerns were filmed. Les was a wondeful man.
Connie Hines of Mister Ed Show
- December 2009-
Info from: NEWSPAPER

Connie Hines, an actress who portrayed Carol Post, the wife to Wilbur on Mister Ed the talking horse in the 1960s television series, has died. Hines was born March 24, 1931 and passed away Friday December 18 2009 at her home in Beverly Hills from complications of heart problems, she was 78 years old. (Listed in the obituary section of the Los Angeles Times newspaper in California)
Les Hilton with Mister Ed
- October 2009-
Info from: Ellen Harvey

I rode with Les Hilton, in Griffith Park (Burbank, California) He was riding Ed at the time, in the 1960s. I left California in 1972 & he had Ed put down before that, due to ringbone, sidebone, & navicular problems. He had another palomino he called Pumpkin, or Punkin, but he said that horse never had the smarts or talent of Ed. One time I asked Les what was the first thing he looked at in a new horse. I thought he would say teeth, legs, feet, or conformation. No, he said he looked at the eyes to see if the horse had a 'kind' eye. I know what he meant, because there are some people who, if they were a horse, you wouldn't want to walk around the back of them. Riding with Les was something I considered to be a great privilege, as he was an amazing horseman.
Updates on Conflicting Mister Ed history
- August 2009-

Deb @ Horse Fame found out that the 5 ft tall granite headstone honoring Mister Ed was up for auction on EBAY a few years ago. Not long ago when the Tahlequah Oklahoma farm may have been sold (approx year 2007-2008?) Possibly the Oklahoma Snodgrass farm -18557 E. 710 Rd, Tahlequah, OK was up for sale or sold or didn't want anymore tourist looking for the grave stone. Horse Fame has had the article about the subject Mister Ed Oklahoma Report since July 1997. If the tombstone was ever sold and where it ended up your guess is as good as mine. My nomination that the memorial stone should be placed in California, near the CBS studio set where Mister Ed was made famous.
Report from KOTV channel 6 tulsa Oklahoma Newson6.com Living Next Door To 'Mister Ed' Date:3/26/2007 TAHLEQUAH, Okla. (AP) -- A man who owns the property where famed television horse Mister Ed supposedly is buried wants to take advantage of its notoriety and develop it. Tahlequah homebuilder Todd Carroll has a monument to the horse on his 16-acre property in Tahlequah, where the horse may, or may not be, buried. His plan is to build 12 to 15 log homes and create a subdivision, with the entrance going past the Mister Ed monument.The 1,000-pound granite monument commemorating Mister Ed has been in Tahlequah since 1990.
Oklahoma Curiosities: Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities & Other Offbeat Stuff By PJ (Pamela Jean) Lassek has written and published (Curiosities Series) (Paperback) in February 2008 It tells something about the grave stone of Mister Ed in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Claims a horse trainer named Clarence Tharp bought a palomino believed to be Bamboo Harvester "Mister Ed" and brought him to Oklahoma. Buying price: $1,500.00 at an auction in 1966. Possibly in 1979 the horse died and buried in the pasture with wood grave marker. Tharp died and land sold. Tahlequah Oklahoma had one and only "Edstock" fundraising event sponsored by a Tulsa Oklahoma Radio station. A granite tombstone was placed on the grave in Oklahoma. Hollywood California reports that the horse died 10 years earlier. Mister Ed's trainer Les Hilton was still living at that time.
Ocala Star-Banner - Jun 16, 1984 Reported that Mister Ed talking horse died in 1979 at age 33. The TV show expired in 1965 after 5 seasons.
MISTER ED song makers
- FEBRUARY 2007 -
Oscar-winning songwriter Ray Evans Died in Los Angeles California at age 92 on Thursday, Feb. 15, 2007. Evans was born in Salamanca, N.Y., on February 4, 1915. He met Jay Livingston during attending college at the University of Pennsylvania. After graduating in 1937, they moved to New York City and began their songwriting collaboration. They produced many award winning hits including the classic Christmas carol "Silver Bells," and the theme songs for the television series "Bonanza" and "Mister Ed, the talking horse" Jay Livingston - born March 28, 1915, died in October 17, 2001 at age 86.
- SEPTEMBER 2003 -
Mister ED reruns are currently on Cable and Dish systems. TV LAND is located on Galaxy 10 at 123 degrees west on transponder 16,in the analog Video Cipher mode which is compatible with the 4DTV Box.
- March 2003 -
The word is going around that the Mister Ed Reruns are coming back on cable/satellite station TV LAND in September 2003. Also the old shows are being shown weekdays at this time on an Independent Christian broadcasting station in the middle of the USA.
- Jan. 22, 2003 -
It's been announced that the Fox network is planning to remake the Mister Ed TV show. The progress has started. The writer - Jack Handey will be coming up with some new Mr. Ed material. The new voice of our favorite talking horse is under wraps. No word yet what equine will take Ed's place or if the computer will be generating a talking horse. Let's hope they make the new show with good morals with strong family values in mind.
COMMENTS & INFO from: A. D. Bain
- Jan. 5, 2003 -
Well to answer Marge Krell's question back in 1999 that is posted to your website I can say that Big Bucks Burnett is my Cousin, son of Snooky, my Dad's Sister, and do beleive she and Big Bucks or better known in the family as James Ray Burnett do live in Dallas somewhere. I could e-mail old dad and find out where if it were important. I too for a short period of time was a member of the Mr. Ed Fan Club founded by Big Bucks or as I call him James Ray. This was back in the 80's. He must of gotten tired of keeping up the club, because he was slow to getting my stuff to me, but that may have been my fault, since he's family I'll give him the benefit of the doubt plus he coughed up the goods when I stated that I have been ripped off. He wrote back and included the goods saying fear not for I have not ripped you off. Anyway if anybody wants to find him they can e-mail me. I will make an inquiry as to where one my favorite cousins of my earlier years has run off to, probably ducking all the other people he was slow to send the goods to! P.S. James if you read this know that I messin with you OK!
- Jan. 5, 2003 -
Forty-two years ago today, on January 5, 1961, Mister Ed made his television debut - first in syndication and, shortly after, on CBS. The CBS Sunday Morning Show had a segment remembering Mister Ed today.
- OCTOBER 17, 2001 -
Two men have died this week involved with the Mister Ed TV series. Jay Livingston who wrote and sang the Mister Ed theme song and Raoul Krashauer who was the "Music Supervisor" for the first season of Mister Ed TV show.
- OCTOBER 13, 2001 -
There wasn't just one Mr. Ed. They had several they used in the series and each had their own special tricks. When I was around 11 or 12 one of the first ones was sold to my friends sister across the street. The story went that he developed an allergy to the peroxide they were using to make all the Mr. Ed's blaze look the same. He did wonderful tricks and talked. They also said that how they got Mr. Ed to move his mouth was by a special halter that had certain pressure points on the side of his jaw. At the time we all lived on Midlothian Dr. in Altadena, California. The name of the family that bought Mr. Ed was Soash. The girls names, they were identical twins, were Marilyn and Maggie. This was about 1960 - 1961. I think they bought the horse from someone at Eaton Canyon Stables near by where we lived. I don't know whether the girls bought the horse directly from the trainer/owner or from someone else who bought the horse from the trainer/owner.
- NOVEMBER 15, 2001 -
Several Mister Eds? Not true! There was Ed and Pumpkin and that's it. However, in that era, there was a thriving business among shady horse dealers. They'd find a horse with a resemblance to this star or that and claim it was one and the same, or a double of. Lots of people bought horses thinking they were the Bonanza horses or Flicka or ???. You name the star. There were horses that looked close enough to convince people.
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