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info source: Los Angeles
date: April 27, 2005
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The broken neck death of a mustang during filming of the movie "Flicka" led city animal control officials to ban future use of wild horses during the remake of the 1943 movie classic "My Freind Flicka". The horse was killed Monday during filming at the Hansen Dam Equestrian Center in the San Fernando Valley. The Animal Service Department shut down the shoot after learning of the death. The horse reared up got caught in the line and when it fell down it broke its neck. We told them no more wild horses at the shoot. Animal Services Department spokeswoman Capt. Karen Knipscheer said. The department issues animal use permits to the film industry. The Fox 2000 "Flicka" production office referred calls seeking comment to 20th Century fox, which said the film crew didn't use wild horses and the American Humane Society had been on the set throughout filming. We are terribly saddened by the events that occured yesterday... said in a statement released by the studio Tuesday. The production has taken every possible precaution and safety measure in shooting scenes where horses are involved. The horse that died in yesterday's accident was a domestic rodeo horse. The Animal Service Depatment was investigating the death. "One horse pursued by guys on horseback spooking the hell out of him tripped on his rope and went down. The other horse kicked him in the head thats what it looked like to me" said a witness, Roland Vincent. 59, who was hoping to be used as a cowboy extra. The 20th Century Fox remake of "Flicka" stars country music star Tim McGraw. It is scheduled for possible release in Feb 2006.

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