--- Fury Introduction ---
 1950's 60's TV show
as told at the begining of each episode

This is range country... where pounding hoofs of untamed horses still thunder over the mountains, meadows and canyons. Every herd has its own leader but there is only one Fury... the wild stallion, and here in the wild west of today hard riding men still battle the range for a living. Men like Jim Newton owner of the Broken Wheel ranch and Pete.. his top hand who said he cut his teeth on a branding iron. ("Fury.. Fury.. " Joey calls) Wild as Fury is thats the one human voice he's learned to love and obey. The voice of Jim Newton's boy Joey. ("Fury.. " Joey calls) Here's a mututal trust that everyone can understand, especially a woman like Helen Watkins, Joey's school teacher and unfailing champion. And there they are together, a great wild horse and the only person on earth that could ride him Joey...and Fury..!

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