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Silver's breed info from: Bobby Craig on Wednesday, October 4, 2000 I had the pleasure of meeting Clayton Moore at the Memphis Film Festival in 1983. I asked him quite a few questions about Silver. He said Silver was a Morab. His father was an Arabian and his mother was a Morgan. He also said Silver was pure white except for a black dot in his right ear. He weighed approx 1100 lbs. He also stated He owned which contradicts a previous fact. He died at the age of 29 and was indeed a stallion.
Where Silver lived info from : Carol Kiley on Saturday, October 21, 2000 The horse "Hi Ho Silver" went to California from Central Illinois. Yes this IS the horse of the TV show. I used to ride my horses in the same yard where silver used to play. I guess not many people know that. The reason we were discussing it and I went to websites for information, is because one of the family members died on Friday. My husband is not originally from Illinois and we were talking about who this guy was that died. When I got to the part of the horse they had that went to Hollywood to be a star, he (like always) said...no way!! After seeing how little information there is on the web about the horse's origin, I just thought that people need to know. I see lots of controversy over whether the lone ranger said Hi HO Silver or Hi Yo Silver. I believe that the horse's registered name was Hi Ho Silver. However it seems that the spelling could have been High Ho.
More Silver facts info from : Bart Kooker on Friday, 7 September 2001 I have been a life long fan of the Lone Ranger and of course, his wonder horse Silver. Throughout the years I have managed to collect a fair amount of information on Silver and some background and history on the legendary steed. Much of which I have tried to sift through and verify fact from fiction. As you may know there were actually two "Silvers" used in the TV series starring Clayton Moore. The first from the Hooker Ranch owned by the father of stuntman "Buddy Lee Hooker" was a very large Morab standing in excess of 17 hands and named Traveller. The second brought in from the east coast when John Hart briefly replaced Clayton and trained by well known trainer Glen Randall (who also trained Trigger) was slightly smaller and known to be skittish when he heard cameras rolling during filming. Clayton continued to ride Silver number two when he returned to the show. According to Clayton's biography, Silver #1 was called back to duty for a few tricky scenes where they couldn't count on Silver #2 (being camera spooked). One such scene is depicted on your Silver site that announces Silver receiving the animal Award for Excellence. The picture of Silver dragging the Lone Ranger to water is Silver #1 filling in because they feared #2 might spook hearing the camera and step on Clayton. Just something I thought I might share if you weren't aware.
BEAMER and SILVER info from : Richard Smith
on Sun, 14 Jul 2002 I remember that my uncle sold a horse to a lone ranger in the 40' I was very young. He and his brother owned the McKinzie Ranch and Rodeo at West Lebanon, Indiana. They had many stars attend the rodeo back then. One day my uncle came by the house in a big white car (I think) a horse trailer with a white stallion aboard and a man got out, my uncle introduced to the kids as the lone ranger. I believe this to be Silver Pride - and the man was Brace Beamer. Wish I could have more information about this, and there is a man who might know if this is true, that's Mr. McKinzie's son... my first cousin, who I haven't seen probably in over 30 years.
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