UPDATE : April 1999

Sam is retired and living in California. The McGetrick Family are in Sam's life now !

Comments & Info from:
Harriett McGetrick
April 1999

I've had Sam on this "seaweed-type supplement" called Source for seniors, I see even more improvement in his appearance. He was 400 pounds underweight when HorseAid rescued him. He was almost put down. We keep him in Chino at Gary Richards place with our 2 other horses. He is turned out with them at least 4 hours every day to graze. Caitlin rode him the first 2 years. Now we feel he should just be retired and enjoy good food and good friends. Gary wants to have a birthday party for him. KFrog radio station and TV news said they would cover it. Also, we're trying to get the stars of the movie to participate. If we did this, it would be to help abused horses. There would be literature about horse rescue, how to help volunteer, and how to adopt....and with news coverage, the public would be more aware. You know, so many people stop by to see Sam once they know about him. It's really terrific.

Info from: Harriett McGetrick
June 1999

Sam's Party Invitation




July 24, 1999 - Saturday, starting at 10:00 a.m. all day
(909) 395-0656
(Caretaker Horse Services) Gary Richards
7361 Riverside Drive
Ontario, California
cross street is Euclid.....next to the Maclin Auction that people refer to as the Chino Auction.

* There will be several rescue organizations present.

Note from Horse Fame:
Help horses that are abused, homeless or old. If you don't ride, a horse still is a wonderful companion. If you have the time, the income to cover the cost, the shelter with pasture area to care for them - please consider keeping one or more.

If you wish to help - donate your time or make financial contibutions at a local stable or organization. This can keep the horses happy and healthy. Sam is an example of what can happen to any horse (famous or not). Horses have been the beast of burden through the centuries.
Be kind to them.

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