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from: Deb at Horse Fame
date: 2002-September
Recently and in the past I received email & message board info from people concerning actor Lee Aaker. Memories from Marlene Morris may or may not be fact. Just as identities can be forged. You be the judge. My website, HORSE FAME, welcomes facts concerning horses used on Rin Tin Tin if any of the folks with knowledge on that wish to send the horse stories, please do. Any other comments on the subject can be posted on the Horse Fame message board.
from: Lucille Rogers Barney
date: 2001-2-23
I had the honor of training with Glenn Randall Sr. and lived with Pinky and Corky for a while back in the mid fifties. Glenn took a horse of mine and completely changed him from an obstreporus and unmanageable to adocile and much happier animal. I kept my horse there for many months and was very fortunate to have witnessed the Randall family in action. At the time they had
Roy Rogers,
Gene Autry,
Rex Allen,
Bobby Davenport
who was an astute horse trainer in his own right and many other famous horse owner's in the barn. Their combined talents in the industry were second to none.
LEE AAKER where are you?
James Michael Hughes
date: 1999-12-10
I have searched for information on Lee Aaker for months. I am writing and producing a TV biography on the late actress Geraldine Page. I would love to contact Mr. Aaker. As you know he appeared in "Hondo" in 1953. Any and all information on where to reach Mr. Aaker would be so helpful. We would like to invite him to appear on-camera for our biography.
Ancel Cook
date: 1999-09-21
I attended a lot of functions with him and was taken in like everyone else Jim Allen was exposed as a phoney in an article out of Paradise Valley, Arizona. He told a reporter some stories that Andrea Canutt got hold of and she wrote the magazine and exposed him.
Claude Cole
I went to (Kelso) elementary school and high school with Lee Aaker. I transferred to San Diego, California Military Academy in my sophomore year but returned to Inglewood, California one weekend a month, plus summer vacations. I saw Lee at the "Witchstand" on occasion. He was always outgoing and gregarious. Our parents (all dead now) were aquainted with each other for many years. Lee and I were never what you could call "buddies" but we knew each other. I can still remember the "limo" coming to pick him up from school in the '50s. That was a big deal in those days. I haven't seen him in over 40 years. Every time a Rin Tin Tin episode would air, I wondered what happened to little Lee. Where ever he is, I hope he's happy and life's treating him well. Audie Murphy was another regular at the "Witchstand". He liked the car hops, as I recall. He drove a large white Cadillac convertible. Man, that was along time ago.

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