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The Montana Story
Montie Montana Sr.
June 10, 1910 - May 20, 1998
Legendary Cowboy died May 20, 1998
from complications of a series of strokes.
Mr. Montana was 87 years old.
Funeral services were held in
Chatsworth, California May 26, 1998

Montie Montana Sr.
at his 58th Rose Parade ride
Pasadena, California
Montie Sr. at age 81
at the Rose Parade - January 1, 1992
with his daughter and friend

Montie Montana Sr. has a grandson named Jess. He's the most talented new trick rider to come along in this new generation. I know Montie Montana Sr. and Montie Montana Jr. during the good old days in southern California. Montie Sr. worked for Weber`s bread company and they sent him around as advertising to the local schools. He was my first inspiration to be a horse person. I was so in awe when he came to my school with that gleaming black and white horse "Rex". He filled my head with visions of someday being able to stand on the back of a horse and twirl a rope. I did go on into a horse career because of that one day at school. Many - many moons later when I had become a trainer and teacher of horsemanship I got a call asking me to give lessons to a nine year old boy. When this child arrived with his mother and horse I almost burst out laughing. He was a little guy in a ten gallon hat and wooly chaps and the largest pinto horse I had ever seen. ( I may have made it up about the wooly chaps but this is how my mind pictures that day). The mother introduced him as Jess and herself as Joanie. Several lessons later his Grandfather came out to watch his progress. It was Montie Montana Sr.

Jess is the spitting image of his Grandfather, and he aquired the talent of being one of the best rope twirlers and trick riders this country has ever known. He was a very quiet and serious child, and understood his duty in life to carry on the name and the ability to entertain the public. When Jess was a teenager, his father, Montie Montana Jr., brought the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show and Congress of Rough Riders of the World to Newhall, California. I played the town madam, Jess played a stagecoach robber, Glenn Randall had a liberty team, Cherri Reiber was Annie Oakley.

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