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Comments and Info from:
Marge Krell
Monday, 17-May-1999 04:50:31

Mr. Ed Fan Club: Does anyone have any information about a Mr. Ed Fan Club? My daughter paid for membership (to a James (Big Bucks) Barnett, I believe...in or near Dallas, TX). After receiving a few pictures and newsletters (called The Talking Horse), it disappeared. Neat items could then be ordered thru Thirteen Records in Dallas (i.e., there was a bumper sticker...we purchased several and with each new vehicle she cuts off the top line and has "Mr. Ed for President" as a bumper sticker.) Supposedly, Alan Young was a member. If anyone knows anything about it, I'd really appreciate a reply; I would then "dig" into my Texas diary to be absolutely sure of names referred to above, etc. This was probably about 8 years ago.

Mister ED Fan Club presented "Edstock" music festival - 1st national convention at the Bronco Bowl in Dallas, Texas July 7, 1984 preformers were:
Joe Ely, T-Bone Burnett, Tiny Tim and the Gloomchasers, The Optimystics, and others plus a guest appearance by Mister ED TV star Alan Young.
There were said to be 500 "ED Heads" members in the fan club.
It was started in 1976 by
James (Big Bucks) Burnett
of Glen Heights, Texas.
The newsletters were called
"The Horses Mouth",
and a special addition called
"The Inside Poop".

image Tiny Tim record

Tiny Tim made a single recording of the Mister ED theme song in 1984. back up with the Gloomchasers.
"Mr. Ed" / "Memory" - Broken 001 -
is a 45 rpm palomino colored
or black vinyl disc.

Mister ED was the "Spokes Horse" for the Studebaker automobile company. They made promotional TV ads, and 45 rpm records and post cards for the car dealers to distribute to customers. Ed even appeared at the automobile show in Los Angeles county area of California. Studebacker was an original sponsor of the TV series.
image car, Ed, Wilbur, and Carol

Mister ED produced promotionals for us government for United States savings bonds. It starred the regular cast along with George O'Hanlon (who was the voice of George Jetson) of the Jestsons childen's show.

image horse shoe       

animated image

There was another Mister ED hand puppet that did not talk by the Knickerbocker toy company made in 1962. It has a cloth body of red and blue and plastic head. It fits your hand like a snug glove.

image horse shoe

image horse shoe

image mister Ed puppet
image feedbag
When Nickelodeon reran the Mr. Ed show, they made limited edition promo items including a Mister ED (empty) "glue bottle" and a Mister ED "feed bag" tote bag with logo photo.
There was a place called Jungleland animal park in Thousand Oaks, California. It had trained animals for TV, movie, and commercials. They had live shows for the visitors. I visited the park to watch the famous lady tiger tamer/trainer perform back in that era. Jungleland movie TV animals including the Grevy's zebras that where used in some episodes of Mister Ed.

Why do people think
Mister ED was a zebra?

Answer : Ed ran away from home in one episode and leaned up to the newly black painted bars at the zoo and pretrended to be a zebra. The zoo keepers put him with the other zebras.


Will the last care taker of Mister Ed please come forward !
Les Hilton may have sold Mister Ed and Pumpkin to a fellow movie horse trainers. Many have died.
If anyone wants to clear the air on the reports please step forward.

  • An anonymous person said Mister ED died in 1968.
  • another source tells that Mister ED died in 1973 at a ranch in California,
    then was cremated.

  • Somewhere else said Ed died in 1974, at age 20.
  • News reports have said ED died at age 34 on Feb 24th in Oklahoma.
  • Another article said ED died at age 33 on March 11, 1979 in Oklahoma
  • According to the Great TV Sitcom Book ED died in 1979 at the age of 33.
  • Mister ED and Oklahoma
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