The Lone Ranger's horse


Silver the horse of the Lone Ranger television series was given the Award for Excellence in 1957. This award is for animals who are outstanding in the television & motion picture industry.
Jay Silverheels, Clayton Moore
Scout and Silver
Silver doing one of his stunts

According to a member of the Randall family, of the late Glenn Randall Sr., the famous horse trainer, Silver's owner lived in the eastern part of United States. Silver was transported to California by another person. Glenn, Silver, Silver's owner, and transporter have sinced passed away. Silver stayed in the barn at the Randall Ranch in Newhall, California during the process of filming the Lone Ranger television series starring actor Clayton Moore who was Silver's rider.

Clairification on locations of the Randall Ranch.
It was unclear to Horse Fame at the time of the original writing that the Randall Ranch was not in Newhall, California during the Lone Ranger filming.

Comments & info from : November 2001 Loretta Kemsley

Lone Ranger's Silver could not have been stabled at the Randall Ranch in Newhall during the filming because Randall was on Sherman Way in North Hollywood at that time. Silver belonged to Hudkin Bros and was stabled at their place in Burbank (now Forest Lawn Cemetery), then later in North Hollywood when they moved to Coldwater Canyon, which is where I met the Hudkins. After Hudkin Bros. closed down, Silver may have gone to Randall's. Hudkin's and Randall's were within a block or two of each other in North Hollywood and both were gone from that area in mid-60s because of zoning changes.

stuffed animal of the 1950's

The head is flexible rubber plastic
10 inches from top of ears to tip of nose

Emblems on the saddle made of
unknown material possibly imitation shoe leather

Lone Ranger (INC.)

Length: 30 inches long from tip of legs end to end
19 inches long from chest to tail

Width of saddle: 8 1/2 inches by 28 inches if flat
Depth: 19 inches side to side - 7 inches top to bottom

Head size: 16 inches from bottom body base to tip of ear
24 inches from tip of ear to tip of leg end

Lone Ranger theme

hear with real audio

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to hear Lone Ranger music theme

Comments & info from :
April 1998 Ken Mosher

The origional Lone Ranger was Brace Beamer from Oxford, Michigan. Did you realize that he did own a horse named Silver. I do have a taped radio interview of his.

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