Casey the Wonder Horse
~ talented palomino horse ~
Casey's abilities include - liberty work, rear, knee, chest bow, says yes / no,
spanish walk, dances, and other cutsey type tricks.
Horse Fame Special for September 2001

Casey the wonder horse image
CASEY is a 16 year old gelding, Quarter horse palomino. We live in Chatsworth, California, USA. I've owned him for ten years. Before I bought him as a six year old, he was a pack horse from Colorado at a hunting dude ranch. He was brought down to Chino, California to be sold (since people can get twice the value for their horse in Ca.) Anyways, he was a mess. He was underweight, had cuts, rub marks, and wounds all over his body. He lost his spirit and had no spunk. But when I saw him, there was just something about him, we just clicked. I ended up buying him and within 6 months he was a totally different horse. His coat was glossy, he put on weight, his wormy pop belly was gone, his hooves looked great, and he got his spirit back. Even rough and tough cowboys who think of horses as just a tool, say they never saw a horse with more personality than my horse.


The first movie project we did was a 1995 Disney Cable movie called
It was based on a true story of a boy named Chris Millard (played by Thomas Guiry, who was also in the newest "Lassie" movie), who was dying of cancer and would dream of being a knight for King Arthur.
There is a fund raiser for kids with cancer called "The Four Diamonds Fund" influenced by this movie. A friend introduced me to her wrangler friend who was looking for a palomino that could rear for this movie. So off we went to Oregon to shoot this movie. My horse did all the action scenes, such as loping across fields, jousting on the beach, and rearing. Another horse was used for the young actor to ride.

My horse had a small part in another film called
"TURBO RANGERS: the Movie."
He was dressed as a alien like creature (a cross between a yak and a big horn sheep or a Tauntaun from Empire Strikes Back). All he did was lope and trot around in a forest chasing a midget actor dressed like a troll.

STORY told by owner / trainer
Marcelle Brothers

I'm a big fan of horse movies, which sparked my love for horses in the first place. My favorites are "The Black Stallion," "Gypsy Colt," and many of Roy Rogers and Trigger movies. From watching trick horses in the movies, I figured out how it was done. So I then started training my horse to do tricks. I'm honest when I say I had no help; I wish I did, it would had saved me a lot of time.

I trained him to rear (both in the saddle and at liberty), knee, chest-bow, paw the ground, smile (a.k.a kiss),
nod his head yes and no, Spanish walk (both in the saddle and at liberty), come when called and other liberty behaviors such as stop on command, stay, and look to the left or right. He can open and shut doors or lids, and kick out (not buck) on command. He's learning to dance (a cross between the Piaffe and the Rumba, like Trigger use to do).

Casey the wonder horse image
He is now starting to make appearance at special events and picnics.

Horse Fame thanks
Marcelle for the photos and story about Casey. This special horse may become a big star in the future.

Anyone who has another special talented horse that needs to be known - send the story to
Horse Fame.

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More from Marcelle about Casey

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